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Cost Of Chinese Postage Stamps

Here are the costs of Chinese postage stamps by category and date.

Postal Services
To send important things that are under the control of Customs, you will need some help from the local department of the post office.
In the past couple of decades, an advanced postal network developed, thus providing high quality coverage, both domestically and internationally. The PSN (postal service network) has become a very important commodities, financial instruments, and information carriers.
Post offices can be found throughout the entire country. Domestic mailings are quick and cheap, normally 0.60 yuan for nearby delivery and 0.80 yuan for mail between cities. Within a few cities, there's sameday delivery; between larger cities, delivery usually is done overnight. The postal service internationally is also very efficient. In normal scenarios, it only takes five to ten days to get postcards or airmail letters to their targets.
Special attention points:
  • Size of envelopes is standardized; you can buy them from appointed agencies, post offices, and hotels.
  • Stampage in China need to be glued onto envelopes and packages.
  • The postal code must be placed on an item before mailing.
  • Post Offices usually are strict about how packages are packed. It is best to pack the item at the office as to gain customs clearance.
Chinese mail services also have Express Mail Service (EMS) for most international and domestic targets. Also, many international couriers have offices within China, inside which mail services like UPS, DHL, FedEx, and TNT are now available to ten thousand cities in one hundred seventy regions and countries.

Post offices along with their trademark bright emblems of green are oftemtimes found off of main streets, sometimes at train stations, the airports and major tourist spots. They are open each day from 08:00am to 7:00pm.

Express Mail Services Are Able To Get To The Following:
Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Austria, Bangladesh, France, Portugal, Itazly, Germany, Romania, Russia, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Spain, Czech, Denmark, Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Hungary, Ireland, Milan, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, America, Cyprus, Canada, Oman, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Iraq, Chad, Qatar, Gabon, Rwanda, Mali, Jordan, the Congo, Turkey, Guinea, Senegal, Morocco, Kuwait, Djibouti, The United Arab Emirates, Cote d'lvoire, Tunisia, Niger, Argentina, Guyana, Panama, Brazil, Hong Kong, Columbia, and Macao
Airmails Are Able To Get To The Following:
Pyongyang, Bangkok, Seoul, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Karachi, Manila, Taiwan, Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka, Teheran, Amsterdam, Ulan Bator, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London, Kiev, Madrid, Paris, Moscow, Roman, Vienna, Stockholm, Warsaw, Sydney, Zurich, Vancouver, and San Francisco