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Current Price Of India Stamps

India basic Postage Rates

Sl Mail Based Products and Services Tariff in Rs
1 Post Card Single 0.5
Reply 1
Printed Postcard 6
Competition Postcard 10
Meghdoot Postcard 0.25
2 Letter Card

Weight 3 grams. No enclosures allowed

3 Letters (Maximum 2 kg)

For every 20 grams or part thereof

Embossed Envelope 5
4 Book Packet For the first 50 grams 4

For additional 50 grams or part thereof, excess of 50 grams


Maximum 5 kg. Bills, receipts, printed market reports, quotations, price lists, premium notices and similar documents having manuscript/computer printed entries can be sent by Book Post rate. Should not be closed against inspection


Sample and Pattern Packets
(Maximum weight 2 kg)

For the first 50 grams 4

For additional 50 grams or part thereof, excess of 50 grams


Book Packet containing Printed Books    -should not contain advertisement, should not be a periodical.               

For every 100 grams or part thereof. Maximum weight 5 kg


Book Packet containing Periodicals
(Maximum 5 kg)

For the first 100 grams 2
Value of Periodical upto Rs.20

For additional 100 grams or part thereof, excess of 50 grams


Value of Periodical above Rs.20 and upto Rs.50

For the first 100 grams 4

For additional 100 grams or part thereof, excess of 50 grams

Value of Periodical above Rs.50 For the first 100 grams 8

For additional 100 grams or part thereof, excess of 50 grams


Must be registered with Registrar of Newspapers; Registration number should be printed. (Compact Discs and Floppies etc with periodicals are not allowed under this category. The Periodicals without price shall be classified as "Book Packets, Sample and Pattern Packet" for the tariff calculation)

8 Registered Newspapers    
Single copy Weight upto 50 grams 0.25

Weight above 50 grams but not exceeding 100 grams


For every additional 100 grams or part thereof in excess of 100 grams

More than one copy of same issue Weight upto 100 grams 0.5

For additional 100 grams or part thereof, excess of 100 grams


Must be registered with Department of Posts ; Registration number should be printed on the first or last page. Bundle containing more than one copy should be addressed to the Newspaper Agent and it is delivered at PO counter


Blind Literature Packet
(Maximum Weight 7 kg)

Postage, Registration and acknowledgement charges are free

10 Parcels Upto 500 grams 19

Additional 500 grams or part thereof


Home delivery charges for article weighing more than 5 kgs. 10 kgs if booked or deliverable at BO. 20 kgs in other cases


Parcels should be presented at the counter. Should be registered, if the weight is more than 4 kgs. Redirection fee for Parcel - 50% of ordinary postage

11 Late fee for posting  Unregistered article 2
Registered article 3

Late fee for renewal of licence for Regd Newspaper

Not later than the last working day of the third calendar month preceding the last month of the period of previous registration


After the date of expiry of previous registration

13 Certificate of Posting    For every 3 articles or part  3
14 Registration  Registration Fee 17

Concessional Registration Fee for VP Book Packet containing Printed Books, the value of which does not exceed Rs.50


Fee for Attested copy of addressee's receipt

Acknowledgement fee 3
15 Insurance Fee Value upto Rs.200 10

Every additional Rs.100 or part thereof

Limit for insurance Booked at Branch OfficeRs.600
Currency Notes Rs.20000
Other Rs.100000
16 Recall of each Inland Postal article

Head and SPMs are competent to issue

17 Identification Card

Valid for three years from the date of issue

18 Post Boxes and Post Bags

Post Box/Post bag - one financial year


Three calendar months or part thereof


For Box and Bag - one financial year


Three calendar months or part thereof


For Post Box deposit should be made towards cost of lock and key; for post bag, lock and key should be met from renter

19 Business Reply Permit If applied during 01/04 to 30/06 200
01/07 to 30/09 150
01/10 to 31/12 100
01/01 to 31/03 50
Handling charges per article   1
20 Franking Machine Licence Fee (for 5 years) 375

Rebate - 3% on franked postage. Concession to bulk mailers - 2% on posting for Post Office wise pre-sorting of letters

21 Value Payable Post Value upto Rs.20 2

Value above Rs.20 but upto Rs.50

Value above Rs.50 5

Warehousing charges on VP articles (for a maximum of 7 days from 8th days from the date of delivery of intimation)

VP letter per day 2
VP Parcel per day 3

Air Surcharge for second class mail articles

For the first 50 grams 2
Additional 50 grams or part 1
23 International Reply Coupon Selling Price 44

Exchange value (in postage stamps)


Money Order (Fraction of a rupee not allowed. Maximum value Rs.5000. No limit for Service Money Order.)

MO Commission - For every Rs.20 or part


Cost of a Money Order form or a VP Money Order Form


Speed Post MO (in the shape of postage stamp)

Satellite MO (no extra charges) Supplementary fee for TMO  
Upto Rs.50 3
Above Rs.50 and upto 200 5
Above Rs.200 8
25 Indian Postal Order
Available denominations of Rs.1,2,5,7,10,20, 50 and 100
Upto Denomination of Rs.10 1
For Denomination of Rs.20 2
For Denomination of Rs.50 5
For Denomination of Rs.100 10
26 Telegraph Charges Ordinary upto 10 words 3.5
For each additional word 0.5
Express - upto 10 words 7
For each additional word 1
12% of the Service tax is to be levied on telegraph charges  
3% on Service Tax as Education Cess  

50 paise and above to be rounded off to the next rupee and less than 50 paise to be ignored


On the address portion of Telegram : 1 to 6 words are chargeable, 7th to 10th words are free. 11th onwards are chargeable. Destination with PIN in one word


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