Cost Of US & World Postage Stamps

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Cost Of German Postage Stamps

Here are the costs of German postage stamps by category and date.

Letters / Postcards National - The Classic Form Of Correspondence
With Standardbrief, Kompaktbrief, Großbrief and Maxibrief items, along with postcards, you reach each and every recipient. Deutsche Post has products to match your every need.
Besides correspondence, letters may also have small objects or goods enclosed. Simply select the right format for your item.
Prices Letters/Postcards

Type of shipment
L: 140-235 mm*
W: 90-125 mm
Paper weight
150-500 g/qm
EUR 0.45
L: 140-235 mm*
W: 90-125 mm
H: up to 5 mm
up to 20 g
EUR 0.55
L: 100-235 mm*
W: 70-125 mm
H: up to 10 mm
up to 50 g
EUR 0.90
L: 100-353 mm
W: 70-250 mm
H: up to 20 mm
up to 500 g
EUR 1.45
L: 100-353 mm
W: 70-250 mm
H: up to 50 mm
up to 1,000 g
EUR 2.20
Small packet
L: up to 600 mm
W: up to 300 mm
H: up to 150 mm
up to 2,000 g
EUR 3.90
Other dispatch types
Other denominations

* The length must be at least 1.4 times the width.