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Cost Of French Postage Stamps

Here are the costs of French postage stamps by category and date.

Postage Rates, Buying Stamps
First class letters (a letter weighs no more than 20g) and postcards inside of France will cost €0.54; to nearby European countries (anything from Portugal to Scandanavia), the Baltic states, British Isles, and Greece €0.60; to Eurasian countries (Russia, Iceland, etc.) or other countries in Europe,the Americas, Africa, Oceania (New Zealand, Australia), or Africa €0.85.
A number of rowed, yellow automated machines that distribute tickets can be found in many post offices, along with some instructions that are even available in other languages, like English, where packages can be weighed and stamps bought; adhesive labels and tape can also be found. You can also find coin machines in these areas.
Yellow mailbox
To send packages abroad, try to look at prices in the guichet as well as within various leaflets that are available. Smaller post offices do not often send some foreign mail. As such, they may need some reminding of some of the various discounts for shipping books and printed papers.
Other Services
Minitel can also be used at the post offices to change money, send faxes, change money, and even make telephone calls. Look for the yellow postboxes to send letters on the street.
Central Paris Post Offices
The central post in Paris, as well as the sorting office in the Louvre, is open to the public twenty four hours a day; however, at night it is only to send mail, ordinary delivery, phones and telegrams.
    * PTT, 52 rue du Louvre, 75001
      Phone:; Métro: Louvre
La Poste is active in 4 main areas.
Mail: Le Courrier
The Mail service is continuously made more modern in order to be ready to meet the future challenges of a market that's open. A comprehensive programme is now in place which covers innovative business solutions, new technologies to help out with administration and a 3+ billion euro investment in industrial platforms.
Parcels and Express: Le Colis-Express
GeoPost and ColiPoste together represent the second largest postal operator in Europe. ColiPoste leads the French market, with a strong e-commerce profile, and specialises in fast delivery to private citizens. Geopost specialises in parcels up to 30 kg and would like to become the leading global operator.
Banking: La Banque Postale
La Banque Postale was launched on 1st January and is the banking arm of the La Poste group. It represents a new concept in retail banking with its open door policy, and it also provides adapted banking and insurance solutions to about twenty nine million customers.
Customer services: La Poste post office branches
La Poste provides 17,000 post offices providing information on behalf of La Banque Postale, Le Courrier and Colis-Express.
This position has been achieved through ambitious technical advances and by placing client relations at the heart of the brand’s strategy. Internet, telephone and automatic dispensing machines make La Poste more accessible than ever today.