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Buying Rare Stamps Online

There comes a time in every collector's life when you need something specific to add to your collection. In the case of stamp collecting, it may be a rare or elusive stamp that would complete your collection or just greatly increase your joy of ownership. Whatever the case, you need a specific stamp that isn.t readily available. Fortunately, you can now buy rare stamps online . no longer limited by geography.

Before you start the shopping process, it.s a good idea to define exactly what you want and how much you can afford to spend. Stamp catalogs can be a big help at this point in your journey. It may be that a stamp you want is currently beyond your budget, unless you find an extraordinarily good price. Or maybe the stamp you want is so rare that it.s unlikely one will ever be offered for sale. Neither of these circumstances is an absolute bar to getting what you want, but they are conditions that you.d do well to keep in mind. You should also know whether you want a used or unused stamp, a single stamp or a sheet of stamps, or a first day of issue stamp,

Once you know exactly what you want and how much you can spend, it.s time to begin determining where that particular stamp can be purchased. There are a number of online sites that sell auction stamps. There are also online sites from which you can purchase stamps at a set price. With the Internet, you need not be limited to sites near you, or even those in your own country. Just be sure to consider the exchange rate if looking at a foreign site, as well as the cost of insurance.

Before you consider making an expensive purchase, you should find out all you can about the stamp and seller in question. The seller should be able to provide clear and detailed photographs of the stamp. If they can.t, you should consider what trying to conceal. Spend some time learning about how stamps are graded and make sure that your estimation of the stamp's grade is consistent with the grade given by the seller. Next, consider the reputation of the seller. Look for reviews and feedback regarding a particular seller both online and from other stamp collectors. Finally, find out if the stamp in question has been authenticated.

In addition, to determine whether or not an asking price is fair, look at what similar stamps have sold for recently. You should expect to pay a price in the same general range . price that.s either considerably lower or higher than the going rate would be reason to pause.

Before you make any purchase . either from an auction site or from a seller . be sure to read all the terms and conditions. For example, you.ll need to find out how you.ll be paying, how long you have to pay, when you can expect delivery and what recourse you have if there.s a problem. For example, paying with a credit card offers you a measure of protection that paying with a certified check does not. Also, in the event of an expensive purchase, you want to make sure the stamp is properly packaged and sent via insured and registered delivery. Once the stamp arrives, do you have a period of time to examine the stamp and return it if there are any issues, or are all sales final? These are all considerations you should make before you place your first bid, or make your first rare stamp purchase online.